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An interview on "Conversations with Musicians" podcast, with Leah Roseman:


"Purely meditative and mental, 'Documentaries' has become a fantastic record. World-class even. Improvisation and emotion go hand in hand. So, like 'In Between', this is a masterpiece because of its exploration and adventurous approach". Erik Vandamme, Musiczine, Belguim


"Madness and above all surprise, we have it with the fantastic young harmonica player Ariel Bart. She composes simple and beautiful themes that allow great freedom in arrangements and improvisations. With her musicians, she adopts an attitude of listening and sharing, only takes the lead to relaunch the phrases and with the cutting sound of the harmonica, only plays the right notes. It's always difficult to pick up an instrument that merges with a name. The harmonica in jazz is Toots Thielemans and you have to have it under your feet to confront it. Ariel Bart has obviously killed the father and with a great chromatic, she imposes her style. A sleek, simplified style that goes straight to the point. A revelation, especially since the young musician is only 24 years old – but already has two albums to her credit – and surely more than one trick up her sleeve". Citizen jazz, France

"Bart has a gift for a nostalgic melody, for tunes suffused with great longing and sadness. Her clear tone is beautiful and haunting, and the music is light and accessible". Jane Mann, London Jazz News, UK

"I really so far liked only two harmonica players: Toots Thielemans and Antonio Serrano, but from now on I will as well include young Ariel Bart in this list. Her debut album is a statement of a musician and composer much more mature than her age would suggest. Her sound is full and round and her melodic playing easy to listen to". Wulf Muller, Spain

In Between", a bit between two worlds, that of the West and the East, reveals a beautiful harmonica player who could be classified, as Toots would have said, between a smile and a tear". JazzHalo, Germany

"There is still life after Toots! In "In Between", Bart reminds us in eight songs why we once fell in love with a music genre. Bart brings Eastern spiced jazz compositions in which every musician can show off ample opportunity for an hour. All with suppleness and modesty that would almost make you forget how much craftsmanship there is in each of the musicians!" BJÖRN COMHAIRE, Luminous Dash, Belgium

"So I'm very convinced of the instrumentalist Ariel Bart, but if possible I'm even more of the composer. It showcases remarkable maturity and rarely heard lyrical ability. If you can think of tunes like "Spiritual Wars", "Stranger on the Hill" or "Deep Down", then you can take the poison that a great future awaits you. The particularly surprising debut of a young woman who will be on all the big stages in a very short time points out! And it will still be deserved, too, because an entrance exam like this, you see and hear, is seldom taken. Really great class!" Dani Heyvaert, ROOTSTIME.BE, Belgium

France Musique, Alex Dutilh (radio), France


"An approach that she develops in eight songs (with a total duration of thirty-seven minutes) in a very varied and colorful way. Each intro is like an embryo letting them develop in different environments. She introduces the necessary melancholy and lyrical chamber jazz but doesn't shy away from going a little firmer". Georges Tonla Briquet, JazzHalo, Holland

"This record tells of a hidden, intimate world, the one sometimes glimpsed by certain musicians when they know how to lead beyond the simple appearances of existence. First of all, one is surprised by Bart's instrumental expertise, not easily found in young people in their early twenties". Riccardo Talamazzi, Off Topic Magazine, Italy

"In Between is the vehicle that transports us to Bart’s personal sonic world. It might not have the immediate thrills of the avant-garde scene but follows a coherent line of thought, signaling a promising future for her in the jazz universe". Jazz trail, New York

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